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hi! i'm gull, and i am a recovering homestuck like a lot of things. lots of video game stuff and web browsing stuff, i guess. i like kingdom hearts. uh, play the world ends with you that's a good game. pokemon mystery dungeon is really good too, go play that. i am a fan of blaseball team Charleston Shoe Thieves Sock Enthusiasts, a team known for its honesty and lack of stealing shoes. i also got super into power rangers? very good stuff i think.

i am a submod on the FarragoFiction discord server! i'm also one of the artists for the indie game HYADES. (i did the icons, font, and all the lovely window skins! also some of the overworld characters and portraits.)

when i do art i do it with either ms paint or or... a combination of the two, i guess.

he/they pronouns please

this nerd is a bird. i do not have a fursona.

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